Top 5 Metaverse Games to Play in 2022

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Metaverse games

The term “metaverse” refers to technology that allows users to communicate with other connected virtual worlds. Its name, a combination of the Greek words meta, which means beyond, and the universe, refers to it as a continuation of the physical universe.

In these 3D “worlds,” where they portray themselves as avatars, real individuals can interact with one another via using online games and apps. The behavior of these online communities is similar to that of offline communities. The creation, acquisition, sale, investment, and awarding of items to other players are all possible. The Metaverse seamlessly fuses gaming, virtual reality, live streaming, cryptocurrencies, social networking, and other technologies as users move through an ecosystem of competitor goods. For instance, a player may be able to use a piece of digital art they purchased from one game in another game made by a different company.

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5 best metaverse games

Online gaming is changing into a new genre with the rise of numerous blockchain-powered metaverse games.

The term “metaverse” refers to a wholly virtual environment where individuals can communicate and engage with one another as they would in the real world. In many ways, video games have served as the prototype for many ideas that the metaverse aspires to incorporate, including avatars, virtual money, and the sale of digital products.

Here are five exhilarating games you can play in the metaverse: the three most popular and the two newest.

  • Decentraland

On the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, a play-to-earn (P2E) game called Decentraland was created. It is based on the concept of a virtual metaverse environment.

Virtual land parcels with the name “LAND” are available in the game, and you receive them as an ERC-721 non-fungible token (NFT). Since it cannot be reproduced, you are the only LAND owner. To acquire LAND on Decentraland, you must use MANA, the game’s official cryptocurrency.

There are several methods to participate in this game and make money. You might, for instance, own space and charge others to advertise there. You could even create stadiums that people could rent out for events or hold off on selling the LAND until its value increased.

As of this writing, the market value of Decentraland’s MANA is USD 1.36 billion.

  • Sandbox

Another well-known game in the metaverse created on the Ethereum network is The Sandbox. Its success has been aided by celebrities like Snoop Dogg, who have hosted events and owned NFT collections in the game.

Sandbox provides an electronic. A blockchain-based environment where users can purchase virtual properties and other commodities to resell or rent for a profit, similar to Decentraland. By renting out space, holding events, and exchanging a variety of NFTs, you have the chance to earn money in Sandbox while having fun. You can complete transactions while playing the game thanks to the native token SAND. The Sandbox is another method of game revenue that enables users to build their games. The market value of Sandbox (SAND) as of right now is USD 1.82 billion.

  • Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, a startup in Vietnam, was presented by Sky Mavis. Users can breed, gather, and trade fictitious Axies. Each monster has 500 interchangeable body parts. Axies can acquire new features and skills based on the genetic makeup of their progeny.

Axies can go on treasure hunts or combat other Axies to get rewards. Using the platform’s resources, you can purchase property and build residences for your Axies.

The virtual pets and other game assets have value in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital ownership certificates controlled by blockchain technology.

Players can find scholars or people they can lend three Axies to collect tokens by doing this. The game’s main trading currency is the Axie Infinity Shard or AXS. Players also receive a smooth love potion or SLP tokens for killing enemies and completing missions in the game. To breed Axies, you need tokens for AXS and SLP.

  • Lost

The first escape room game in the metaverse, dubbed LOST in the metaverse, was created by LOST, a Hong Kong-based escape game company in the real world.

The immersive adventure tasks in the game let you switch between the physical and virtual worlds while you play online and offline. Limited NFTs and metaverse tokens are also available to earn while at it.

LOST has drawn inspiration from various sources, including real-life, mythical, and made-up events. By cracking the game’s puzzles and riddles, you can open treasure chests, unearth mysteries, and discover tips that will help you get around the escape room.

One of the game’s best features is the ability to form teams and carry out tasks as a group. Another is the possibility for users to design their own branded escape rooms in the metaverse game. The game is inclusive because it has a LOST junior edition for kids between 6 and 14. As they participate in the adventure of LOST junior, kids learn via experience.

  • Illuvium

The new game Illuvium is gaining a lot of attention in the gaming community and is being hailed as a “real triple-A, 3D blockchain.” In this game, you go across a strange environment in search of illuvials, which are godlike creatures. Either heal them or use shards to catch them. Then, when taking on more than a hundred different creatures and other players, you can employ these animals to your advantage. Another class of marketable NFTs is illuvials, which increase in value as their strength and scarcity do. You can boost the value of three identical illuvials by merging them into a single new creature if each has reached its highest level through combat.

Players can find their armor and weapons in the Illuvium environment. You receive Illuvium cryptocurrency, ILV, as a reward for completing quests and competitions. ILV can then be traded on the IlluviDEX.

What Are The Requirements For Metaverse Games?

You’ll need the following to participate in the most basic metaverse games:

  • A trustworthy internet connection

The faster your internet package’s speed, the better.

  • A headset for virtual reality

Although VR gear can be expensive, there are cheaper options like Google Cardboard (which uses your smartphone and a cardboard viewer), headsets connected to a computer (such as those made by Valve, Sony, HTC, and HP), consoles, and wireless devices (Oculus Quest).

  • Mobile device or computer

If you’re not utilizing a stand-alone device, a computer or smartphone will be required to connect your headset if you’re not using a stand-alone device.

  • Bitcoin wallet

You must have a blockchain wallet to participate in metaverse games that accept cryptocurrencies or other forms of digital currency.

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These games span a variety of categories and subgenres. To enter the Metaverse, I hope you can find a game you enjoy in terms of gameplay. You could make cryptocurrency. Who doesn’t enjoy making money while playing games?

These games will rule the Metaverse market in 2022 and keep expanding. As players increasingly seek more engaging and dynamic virtual experiences, the metaverse is a technology development that makes sense in tandem with online gaming. We anticipate this market to grow in popularity over the next several years, with some of the best online metaverse games garnering millions of players from all over the world as they unfold and reach higher levels of sophistication.

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