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Unquestionably, the extraordinary growth of the metaverse has redefined the digital future. Likewise, there is a viable alternative to real estate. People are investing huge amounts in virtual land. Let us take a look at the best metaverse pioneering the trade of Land NFTs. 

Here is a list of Virtual Reality platforms that sell the digital property. Most of the platforms operate on blockchains like Ethereum and Polygon. A deed in the metaverse represents an NFT and ownership of a particular land parcel. Buyers can explore the map of the metaverse virtual world. They can view the piece of property as an investment, rent out the space, and also build something on it. The scarcity of virtual lands and the advantage of being the first mover will benefit investors. 

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Decentraland: The undisputed leader of the metaverse virtual world

It is a virtual reality platform on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can create scenes by utilizing the builder tool. They can buy and sell LAND, estates, avatar wearables, and names in the NFT marketplace. In the last 30 days, the trading volume on Decentraland has surpassed a whopping $5.87 million. What controls the virtual worlds? The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) allows users to vote on numerous policies, auctions of LAND, primary sale fees, and whitelisting of NFT contracts. Decentraland also hosts events like live music performances, pro wrestling, gaming competitions, and comedy podcasts. 

Somnium Space

It is a virtual reality game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can buy land, own avatars, and monetize their experience through the asset store. Somnium Space ticks the right boxes in terms of cross-platform compatibility, customizable layouts, and interconnectivity. The platform has partnered with Polygon, FTX, Gemini, and Holaplex to launch Somnium NFTs and offer the benefits of zero transaction costs to users. Players can easily purchase land and parcels and they have complete freedom in choosing the size and amenities. 

NFT Worlds 

Users can create games, develop experiences, and establish venues in NFT Worlds. It operates as a multi-metaverse ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain. Owners of different worlds will get $WRLD tokens. Those players who have ERC-20 tokens can access items and perks, and also purchase character NFTs. Gamers can earn more $WRLD tokens by joining events and winning competitions. Every NFT world is denoted by a randomly generated terrain and geography. Moreover, they are Minecraft-compatible. Overall, there are around 762 owners and the trading volume is around 48,300 Ethereum (ETH). 


It is a role-playing game (RPG) on Ethereum. Gamers can win items and coins by playing different contests. With a user base of more than 80000, around $60 million LAND has been exchanged on WorldWideWebb. It also has an Apartment Builder tool where users can add, change, or erase rooms, floors, furniture, and walls. Overall, there are 5000 owners for 9500 apartments. 

TCG World

It is a virtual world where users can buy plots, play games, and earn crypto tokens as rewards. Players have to catch Sprites, creatures that roam the metaverse, get NFTs, trade them or use the collectibles in battles. The plots come in 5 sizes (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Commercial). Users can build an art gallery, a dream home, a dance club, a mystery house, a park, and a restaurant on their plot in the metaverse. There are 100,000 plots with 10,000 members spread across 4 regions. 

Matrix World: A metaverse virtual world that uses the power of 3D

It is a virtual world operating in the form of a 3D metaverse. There are 5000 Lands each available for sale on the Ethereum and the Flow blockchain networks. Users can build immersive 3D Decentralized Applications and trade NFTs from other marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible. Landowners have freedom in customizing their behaviors and appearances. Players can have a good time in sports centers, NFT galleries, and 3D gaming complexes. Each plot is distinguished by its location, size, and token ID. 


Users can purchase assets like buildings, vehicles, and houses in the virtual reality world of NetVRK. They can utilize their NetVRK tokens and buy land, and advertising space, and also earn passive income through staking. LAND, TRANSPORTS, and AVATARS are the 3 NFT collections. Users can monetize their creations on various blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Hedera, Flare, and Elrond.

The Sandbox

It is a virtual world where users can buy and sell LANDS and ASSETS. Sandbox functions as a gaming metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can build, monetize their virtual experience, and also host events. Users can utilize SAND tokens to buy creators’ ASSETS and incorporate them into their LAND. The Sandbox also allows creation of 3D games using voxel models. The map reveals the LAND available for sale in different sizes. Users can explore the metaverse in their favorite avatars.

Crypto-Verse: Metaverse virtual world with a mix of 3D, shopping, and digital land

It is a 3D virtual world where LAND owners can create content for their zones. Users can watch thrilling Player-vs-Player (PVP) games. Crypto-Verse also offers a virtual storage solution for B2B and B2C brands. Thus, they can transform the shopping experience through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The key features of Crypto-Verse are multi-chain interoperability, land sharding, and a Prana system that rewards engagement and interactivity. The different zones are High Culture, The Hub, Education, Entertainment, Business, Underworld, Founderland, and Kolland. 


It is an e-commerce metaverse on the Polygon blockchain. Brands, advertisers, and customers can create value through engagement. Business firms can launch their offices, shops, and stores in the metaverse and engage with their target audience in a 3D immersive environment. Moreover, business enterprises can buy land on the virtual planet and buyers can discover their favorite products. Citizens are the ones who own land parcels. They can build their own metaverse using DIY tools. Citizens can monetize the traffic through different options. 


The above-mentioned metaverse virtual worlds have already sold digital land worth millions of dollars. Land parcels are unique and non-replicable. Moreover, technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will create a real-world user experience. Brands are purchasing virtual real estate to showcase their products. On the other hand, investors are including real estate in the metaverse as an asset class in their investment portfolios. Wish to chart your journey in the Web 3.0 era? Choose any metaverse virtual world and begin trading LAND NFTs. 

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