How to Reserve Your Land in the Biggest Web3 e-Commerce Metaverse, COMEARTH?

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COMEARTH, the go-to destination for commerce in the Metaverse, is offering 4×4 land parcels (120m x 120m) at a 30% discount for PREMINT Collector Pass holders.  

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Built on Polygon Blockchain, COMEARTH, a prodigal innovative Metaverse, is live for everyone who wishes to accelerate their Web3 commerce prospects in the augmented and virtual domain. Powered by NFTICALLY and backed by angel investors and marquee tech enthusiasts worldwide, COMEARTH is the first-ever Metaverse of its kind that seeks to drive and grow business for its landholders and users. 

The purpose of COMEARTH

Web2 E-Commerce is intangible, abstract, intrinsically non-social, unsustainable, and monopolized by large businesses. The COMEARTH team wants to address these basic difficulties and build an ecosystem that will enable global innovation and involvement to fuel future e-commerce.

Brands, artists, and people will be able to purchase land in this Metaverse as NFTs managed by smart contracts. Citizens of COMEARTH, the entities that own these land parcels (aka NFTs), can create 3D immersive e-commerce experiences – think of it as a brand/custom creator’s Mini-Metaverse – that can be accessed via mobile, laptops, and VR devices.

Advantages of COMEARTH

Through extensive DIY tools, COMEARTH shall allow its citizens to build their Metaverse businesses in minutes while providing an easy end-user experience for its user masses. The COMEARTH team will use the Metaverse to promote the values of sustainability, privacy, and security.

A major focus for COMEARTH is to eliminate all entrance obstacles in order to get the first 100k brands into the Metaverse. Here are a few of the platform’s usability and customization features:

  • Users may utilize readily available comprehensive out-of-the-box templates to get started in minutes. This shall make up for the extensive time, expertise, and cost that is required conventionally to set up a Metaverse venture.
  • The revolutionary 2D-To-3D converter by COMEARTH will allow anybody to produce Metaverse-compatible content with 2D photographs.
  • Citizens and users can link COMEARTH with a variety of Web2 applications, including Shopify, Salesforce, and others, to facilitate the seamless functioning of their overall brand.
  • The platform will accept your preferred social logins such as Google and Facebook, debit/credit cards, and fiat money as payment methods, and delivery via worldwide logistical partners.

These were some of the many cool features that COMEARTH provides to its Citizens and users. For more details, have a look at COMEARTH Whitepaper.


Like every other commercial Metaverse, you need to have your own piece of land on COMEARTH. Land parcels come in various shapes and sizes. Users will be able to purchase these parcels in phases. 

Land Parcels are available in 6 different sizes, and will be spread out across the continents:

  • 1×1 (30m x 30m)
  • 2×2 (60m x 60m)
  • 4×4 (120m x 120m)
  • 8×8 (240m x 240m)
  • 16×16 (480m x 480m)
  • 32×32 (960m x 960m)

Citizens can use COMEARTH Land to:

  • Create virtual experiences & curated events
  • Develop virtual storefronts, generate rental value, and trade land parcels
  • Display and trade digital/phygital products and services, and likewise…

The possibilities for commerce in Web3 are endless, and so is the usability of COMEARTH Land Parcels.

Exclusive 4×4 Land Parcel pre-sale starts on 2nd June, 11:30 UTC

The creators of COMEARTH offered a private pre-sale of 2500 4×4 parcels exclusively for PREMINT COLLECTOR PASS Holders at a 30% discount. 

The Winners of COMEARTH x PREMINT Allowlist raffle have been announced. This list can be accessed here.

Winners announced comearth premint 1

The COMEARTH Team will be starting a pre-sale for 2500 2×2 parcels soon. Stay tuned to become a part of the global Web3 and Metaverse commerce-induced community. 

For more details about the allowlist or registration-related FAQs, visit COMEARTH x PREMINT Land Registration Site.

How to claim Land Parcel NFT for allowed listed citizens?

If you are selected in one of the 2500 spots on PREMINT, you can claim your 4×4 Land Parcel at a 30% discount with a few simple steps!

  • Step 1: The first step in your journey is to visit the official website of COMEARTH. Once you are ready, all you need to do is to give an email address in the
     provided field and hit the button that says ‘Reserve Your Land Now

Step 1 1

  • Step 2: When you proceed on, you will be taken to the respective page where all the activities related to reserving land will take place. Fill in basic details like your name, confirm your email address, and select an industry to which you belong.

Step 2 1

  • Step 3: After giving the basic information, the next requirement would be to state whether you are an individual or representing any organization. If you are belonging to the latter, then you would also need to provide the name of the organization that you represent.

Step 3 1

  • Step 4: The preceding step would require you to choose the country you belong to. You may choose from the drop-down menu provided along.

Step 4 1

  • Step 5: Now, we are moving towards the specifications of the land that you would want to reserve. The first step here would be to choose the payment token through which you would like to make the payment against the reservation of land. There are a number of options available to choose your desired payment mode like MATIC, BTC, BNB, SAND, MANA, USDC, USDT, and much more. Choose the one you prefer in order to move ahead. 

Step 5 1

  • Step 6: The next one is the most important step as it would require you to choose the land size of the parcel that you would like to buy. There are 6 options to choose from. Currently, only 4×4 and 8×8 Land Parcels are available to claim for whitelisted members. Once the land size and quantity have been determined, you will be able to see its corresponding cost under ‘Grand Total’. Click on ‘Reserve Virtual Land’ to proceed ahead.


Step 6 2


  • Step 7: Upon hitting the Reserve Virtual Land button, a popup will appear, asking you to connect your crypto wallet. You will have two options to choose from. Either you can choose MetaMask wallet or Coinbase wallet. Click on the one which you prefer.


Step 7 1

  • Step 8: Once the wallet has been connected, all you need to do is confirm the transaction and pay the amount to reserve your land. 

Step 8 1

  • Step 9: After successfully reserving the land, you will get a congratulatory confirmation on the screen and a confirmation email on the registered email address as well.

Step 9 last step 1


Many congratulations on being the proud owner of your land reserve in COMEARTH!!

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