From Idea to Impact: COMEARTH’s Dynamic Dream Team

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Traditional e-commerce has been limited to a boring See + Buy cycle, lacking the experience that customers crave. However, the concept of metaverse e-commerce brings a radical shift in the way people interact with each other and with digital items. With blockchain-native items hosted on shared, public blockchains, there is true ownership and transparency in the digital world.

That’s where COMEARTH comes in, created by Toshendra Sharma and Rohendra Singh, who sought to revolutionize the field of e-commerce by introducing the Experience + Buy cycle. COMEARTH is the world’s first E-Commerce Metaverse Ecosystem, allowing customers to hang out with friends, play games, immerse themselves, and interact in a virtual world. The platform uses blockchain to ensure transparency and fairness in all transactions.

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COMEARTH is a revolutionary platform that combines the social, gaming, and entertainment experiences of a virtual world with the convenience and security of e-commerce. The team behind COMEARTH is a group of highly skilled and experienced individuals, each with their unique talents and expertise. So what are you waiting for? Come and meet the team that has made COMEARTH possible!

Toshendra Sharma – CEO of COMEARTH & NFTICALLY, is a visionary founder with extensive experience in the tech industry. With his previous successful ventures, including Blockchain Council and RecordsKeeper, Toshendra is leading the charge toward making COMEARTH the world’s first E-Commerce Metaverse Ecosystem. His expertise in blockchain technology has been instrumental in developing a secure and transparent platform that ensures fair transactions for all.

Rohendra Singh – Chief Technology Officer, is the co-founder and the genius behind the technological infrastructure at COMEARTH & NFTICALLY. With over 12 years of experience in developing large-scale software products, he brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to the team. He has developed several highly scalable and secure SaaS applications around Blockchain and Education, and his expertise in leading large tech teams stays invaluable to the success of COMEARTH.

Kaustubh Sharma – AVP of Product and Strategy, is responsible for catapulting and engaging brands & celebrities in the NFT ecosystem. His background and experience in leading, managing, and mentoring teams of product managers and developers stay essential in overseeing product development sprints and enhancement opportunities for COMEARTH. Kaustubh’s strategic thinking and ability to streamline sustained growth opportunities for the project plays a pivotal role in the success of COMEARTH.

Aditya Chawla –  Marketing Lead, is a respected NFT artist & web 3.0 enthusiast. With his rich experience in consulting, analytics, and banking, Aditya’s sole focus is in the space of Blockchain & Web 3.0, with a particular focus on NFTs and the Metaverse. His passion for the project and knowledge of the industry instills a driving force in bringing COMEARTH to the forefront of the ecommerce industry.

Ashok Balasubramanian – AVP of Business Development, is a believer in transformative approaches and thrives at the intersection of Strategy & Execution. With his global working experience and a proven track record of building businesses from scratch, Ashok’s breakthrough sales acumen and skills drive growth at COMEARTH. Additionally, Ashok’s experience as a national badminton player and representing India in the Youth Olympics demonstrates his ability to work in a team and overcome challenges to succeed.

Ahmed Raza – Head of Product Design, is a tech enthusiast who is passionate about creating visually-appealing and functional solutions. With over 8 years of design experience in Finance and AI, he is a design wizard in emerging tech like the metaverse and he uses his expertise to produce cutting-edge, user-friendly digital products. His knowledge of blockchain and metaverse enables him to design secure, immersive solutions that engage users seamlessly. His skills make them an invaluable asset in developing innovative digital products.

Monica Milwani – Head of Human Resources, is an agile leader in the field of Human Resources making her a perfect fit for the fast-evolving world of metaverse and blockchain. With over 8 years of expertise in talent acquisition, learning, and development, she has worked across diverse industries, geographies, and company stages. Her experience in managing large teams, stakeholders, and data-driven HR strategies enables her to lead the recruitment, development, and retention of top talent.

Prateek Jain – AVP of Marketing, is an exceptional leader. With a passion for design, technology, and business, and alongside being the top ranker at IIM Jammu, he possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to make significant contributions to the metaverse industry. He has led various blockchain projects, demonstrating his understanding of the technology behind blockchain and its potential applications. This makes him the ideal leader to design and implement the future of Web 3.0 and the metaverse at COMEARTH. 

Kanishka Sharma – Customer Success Specialist, leverages her expertise in web3 to help clients from all industries adapt to the next-generation web. Her ability to simplify complex ideas and provide personalized guidance ensures that clients feel supported throughout their journey into the world of web3. By unlocking the potential of web3, Kanishka is driving the growth and success of COMEARTH, and contributing to a more interconnected and transparent future.

Together, this team brings their unique skills and experiences to COMEARTH, making it the future of ecommerce. COMEARTH is a game-changer in the industry, offering a unique experience for consumers that combines entertainment, social interaction, and ecommerce. With this talented team behind it, COMEARTH is sure to be a resounding success.

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