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$ecom token

Metaverse is a combination of terms, ‘meta’ and ‘universe,’ where the former signifies something of a higher order and the latter is apparent to everyone. In simpler terms, the metaverse translates to the next universe. 

Technically, the metaverse is a hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a virtual world with the help of virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. Some estimates suggest that the metaverse will surpass $100 billion in 2022. 

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While the speculations for metaverse are ever-increasing, it keeps immense potential with e-commerce by providing an engaging experience to the users. Let’s read more about E-commerce 3.0.

E-commerce 3.0

E-commerce has been an ever-evolving space where brands and customers constantly seek ways to engage and receive benefits. It is going through a significant advancement to become an immersive and engaging medium for customers.

E-commerce 3.0 is Social commerce powered by Web3.0, Metaverse, and Blockchain. It provides an immersive experience for users to create a connection between the customers and brands. E-commerce empowers brands to provide a gamified experience that holds the power to attract and retain customers while having access to their data and insights.

E-commerce 3.0 is the next disruption in the multi-trillion-dollar industry, which COMEARTH is planning to lead. COMEARTH will be the flag bearer of this revolutionary change providing brands and businesses with the first-mover advantage.


COMEARTH is a new-generation ecosystem to empower users with DIY Launch tools and comprehensive features to harness the extraordinary power of the metaverse. The team plans to create a COMEARTH app store that houses applications and premium assets for brands, creators, and users to increase the overall value. 

COMEARTH aims to create custom experiences for its citizens to design the best experience for its visitors. The platform enables brands to deliver the promise of metaverse with the limitless potential to attract customers willing to explore the future ways of E-Commerce 3.0. It aims to engage users through gamification to help retain Gen Z and Gen Y customers.

What are the uses of the $ECOM token?

$ECOM token is the native token of the COMEARTH Metaverse ecosystem. The token aims to provide a medium of transactions for the stakeholders within the ecosystem. ECOM is an ERC-20 token deployed on Ethereum and Polygon ERC20 Network.

$ECOM token shall represent the standard unit of value utilized for activities including user experiences, transactions, in-land parcel promotions, events, engagements, rewards, income through the COMEARTH App Store, and incentivizing good behavior. Let’s read more about the token utility of ECOM.

  • Access to the Platform

COMEARTH is available for all users to immerse in the ecosystem. But the users holding native $ECOM tokens are eligible for the platform’s exclusive offerings, including premium assets, add-ons, customizations, access, and opportunities. 

  • Counter Crypto Fluctuation

The metaverse token $ECOM has flexi-pricing allowing brands to stabilize product prices in USD. The process helps the token automatically adjust pricing to counteract the impact of its market fluctuations. Hence, it significantly brings down the crypto fluctuation.

  • Engage-To-Earn Rewards

$ECOM token shall be used by brands to reward users for positive behavior on the COMEARTH metaverse. The ecosystem plans to add Quests for the users to earn extra rewards. Quests will be the go-to for brands where creators can access a new audience pool, and advertisers can reach global audiences directly.

Quests will be available to citizens of the COMEARTH to incentivize their positive engagement. COMEARTH users can also create quests to reward users, and citizens can use their tokens to run quests of their choice anytime. 

  • Virtual Land & Governance 

Users holding $ECOM token can purchase virtual land on the COMEARTH metaverse to launch their commercial establishment. The native token will also work as a governance token to help users govern specific aspects of the platform and participate in important decisions. & 

  • Staking

Users holding $ECOM metaverse token can stake their tokens to earn rewards from the COMEARTH platform. Additionally, they will receive a unique distinction within the metaverse that allows them to avail of exclusive offers and receive premium benefits. 

  • Gasless In-Game Transactions

COMEARTH has deployed a first-of-its-kind gasless transaction system for in-game transactions. The platform has built the system open-ended to enable all users to come forward and develop their gasless forwarding node.


COMEARTH will charge 5% of the transaction fees for each sale made on the platform. It shall also have a fixed price for every engagement on the platform. Once the platform attains good traction, the $ECOM token will become the only mode of payment. 

$ECOM has a total supply of 5 Billion tokens with a total valuation of $30M. Users can tip or donate $ECOM tokens to the influencers, brands, and performers. Users can put the metaverse token to a good cause by donating to social organizations like NGOs. 

Future of the $ECOM in the metaverse ecosystem

COMEARTH is about to bring a change in the way global E-Commerce operates. The platform says that its community’s love, loyalty, and support shall play a significant role in ensuring success. It provides numerous options for users to receive income from the platform. 

Hence, the metaverse token shall provide users with diverse opportunities to monetize the ownership of COMEARTH real estate. It shall promote referrals as users can bring a new stakeholder and receive 5% of the value of the cost of land purchased by the referred user. Furthermore, COMEARTH will also reward citizens for their continued engagement with the platform.

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