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Being a COMEARTH citizen is not just about owning land and building your own brand in the metaverse, it’s about being a part of a community where you learn, grow, interact and win rewards through your journey.

Participating and winning rewards in the COMEARTH community sounds complicated and time-consuming but it’s not true anymore. We in our discord server made it super easy and simple.
Now participating in community events is fun, and winning rewards is easy.

Let me share some secret ways of winning maximum rewards on our servers. 

A most common way of winning XP points by performing easy daily tasks is by completing Quests. A quest list can be found on the XP quest channel and anyone can access the dashboard and win XP points automatically. 

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  • Giveaways– (
    At COMEARTH we organize giveaway sprints on timely bases where you can perform the tasks listed for the particular giveaway and claim rewards. 
  • Referral Contests– (
    The most effortless way to win exclusive rewards is by referral contests. You can use your referral link to invite your buddies to the community and win XP points and vouchers too.


After winning XP points and leading the leader board, the next question that comes up in the mind of the players is, How can we redeem our XP points?You can redeem your XP points by quest dashboard only.

  1. Go to the Redeem section
  2. Select the reward you want to redeem.
  3. Submit the proof of work
  4.  The rewards will be transferred to your wallet & email id.

Terms & Conditions: 

  1. All the rewards are only accessible to verified members of the community. 
  2. Submission of fake proof of work can result in disqualification and eviction from the server. 
  3. Most of the rewards can be redeemed only once. In other cases, the terms will be shared accordingly. 
  4. The results announced by the core management committee/ Supreme leader will be considered final. 
  5. In case of any conflict regarding event rules and conditions, you can reach out to the supreme leader directly.

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