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Virtual land

Dubbed as the third iteration of the Internet, the metaverse is the buzzword in recent times. More investors are purchasing digital land. It is an alternative to real estate. According to a report by JP Morgan, investors will spend around $2516 million on metaverse real estate. Let us take a look at some of the best metaverse to buy virtual land. 


It is a virtual world on the Ethereum blockchain where people can buy and sell LAND, Estates, and Avatar wearables. Decentraland has a builder tool where users can create scenes, lands, artwork, names, and collections. 

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Operating as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), people can determine how the world behaves. They can vote on important policy updates, LAND auctions, and whitelisting of NFT contracts. Users can have a say in upgrading LAND, Estates, dates of LAND auctions, the marketplace fees, and the replacement of content servers run by the community. Overall, the NFT marketplace lists various digital assets like Parcels, Estates, and Names on Ethereum for sale. 

116 parcels of virtual land on Decentraland were bought by for a mind-boggling $2.43 million (618,000 MANA) in November 2021. Based in Fashion Street District, brands can showcase their digital merchandise in the metaverse. This indicates a high demand for digital land from investors. 

Millennium Hotels and Resorts are also launching a hotel in Decentraland where players can buy and sell in-game assets. Known as M Social Decentraland, visitors can interact with an avatar in the virtual hotel. It will also offer an immersive experience as part of real-world occasions. 

The Sandbox

It is an open-world game where players can create avatars, explore the metaverse, and build their voxel gaming experience on the Ethereum blockchain. They need to possess $SAND, a utility token for buying and selling Lands and Assets in the Sandbox. Users can create their own NFTs by utilizing VoxEdit. They can curate their own Vox Models and monetize their creations. 

The NFT marketplace displays the creator’s ASSETs. Buyers can purchase them with SAND tokens and incorporate them into their LAND. Some of the popular NFT collections include the likes of Snoop Dogg, Care Bears, Atari, and Smurfs. 

Game Maker is another tool available in the Sandbox. Users can build 3D games without possessing any coding knowledge. They can share their creations in the gallery. Large digital spaces are known as Estates in the Sandbox metaverse. 

Users can customize their look and create an avatar while playing and exploring the metaverse. They can choose from different outfits, hairstyles, and colors, and boost their attributes with equipment. 

The Map section on the Sandbox displays the land available for sale in different sizes on various chains (Ethereum and Polygon). It launched the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) this year. Holders of Avatar, Land, and SAND will have voting powers along with a staking mechanism. 

Besides that, Regal Hotels Group will develop a “Green Metropolis” in the Sandbox. The virtual city called “MetaGreen” will promote the concept of a circular economy with support from a sustainable community. The virtual metropolis will launch in October 2022 and attract around 5 million people, which is around 2/3rds the population of Hong Kong. 

The key components of MetaGreen will be a convention center to discuss the environment, social, and governance issues, an art gallery, a shopping mall, an eco-farm, and an academy to promote sustainability. 


COMEARTH is an e-commerce metaverse ecosystem built on top of the Polygon blockchain. Brands, advertisers, and customers can congregate and generate value via engagement. COMEARTH facilitates business firms to launch their own offices, stores, and shops in the metaverse. They can engage with their customers in a 3D immersive environment.  

Users can attend events in the metaverse and also discover their favorite products. LAND in COMEARTH will be sold as NFTs. Holders are known as Citizens. They get rewards for promoting the right kind of engagement on the virtual planet.

There will be different types of industries in COMEARTH. Sectors like Edtech, Real Estate, Fashion, Cosmetics, Automobiles, Fintech, Retail, Electronics, Arts, and Live Events will add more value to the metaverse.

In the long run, COMEARTH aims to ensure sustainable development for commerce in the metaverse. Brands can create a memorable experience for their consumers and they stay away from the limitations of commerce in the Web 2.0 era. COMEARTH is on its way to building a 3D immersive ecosystem that powers e-commerce for 100,000 brands by 2025. 

Do you have a deep interest in digital real estate? The time is ripe now to purchase virtual land from any of the above-mentioned metaverse. 

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