12 Best Metaverse NFT Projects to Invest In for August 2022

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Metaverse nft projects

The current market is stormed up with Metaverse NFT projects. With thousands of new projects arriving and listing on exchanges, choosing a few projects with great future potential can be tough.

So, we’ve composed this article with 12 Metaverse NFT projects that hold features worth investing in or are lucrative on a long-term investing basis. Stay tuned!

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12 Best Metaverse NFT Projects to Invest


COMEARTH is a virtual planet spanning eight continents that aims to solve key issues in modern commerce including unsustainability, monopolization, intangibility, and security.

Businesses and individuals can purchase virtual land as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the metaverse, governed by smart contracts deployed on the Polygon blockchain. 

Equipped with their digital land, citizens of COMEARTH can build immersive e-commerce experiences in virtual reality (VR), accessible by mobile, laptops, and VR devices. Global brands Polygon, CEAT, Blockchain Council, and SporteNFT, among others have come on board COMEARTH.

COMEARTH is designed to enable effective E-Commerce in the Metaverse. Businesses can gain valuable analytic insights about the traffic their land receives, combined with access to lead generation tools. The platform will support Live Streaming and 360-degree product display making it a fit for product launch events. 


Tamadoge, a Metaverse NFT project, is ready to take the crypto market. Based on Tamaverse, it’s a cryptocurrency from the doge ecosystem. Tamadoge offers buyers to feed pets and toys. It’s a reward-based game; players earn rewards through developing pets.

The minimum amount of 1000TAMA users can invest, with no upper investment limit. Currently, Tamadoge players are arranging presales, with discounted prices aiming for 50% of the total supply during presales events. 

Surely, this project has very interesting and future-proof qualities, making it thrive among crypto and NFT investors. 

Souls Of Nature

Souls of Nature is an evolving Metaverse NFT project with a moving revolutionary Metaverse awakening experience users have never dreamt of. Their play-to-earn model consists of 9271 unique NFTs of animal avatars. 

Souls of Nature offers an experience where users incorporate themselves in a quest to save endangered nature, with Unreal Engine’s first HD Metaverse experience. 

This Metaverse venture is in its early stages, with promising roadmaps to become one of the big house Metaverse NFT projects. All over, it’s among the best future potent Metaverse NFT projects.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is setting its step, creating long-term playing habits among users. With more than thousands of NFTs, the Sandbox is a user-created experience game with limited accessibility similar to the user’s mind. 

Sandbox has an advantage with habit building, gaming and community ecosystem creation, and long-term monetization-like features. Surely, the most popular among all the Metaverse NFT projects, the Sandbox has a promising long-term future for NFT investors and enthusiasts.


Decentraland is a Metaverse project similar to the Sandbox. More than 100000 all kinds of NFTs house, Decentraland is among the strongest rivals of the Sandbox. It has similar experiences to Decentraland, like building gaming and Real Estate experiences, monetizing those experiences and buildings, and buying lands and native crypto coins. 

Decentraland is more corporate, and Sandbox isn’t as popular as Decentraland; it’s factual. As MANA holds the 33rd place amongst the cryptocurrencies, Decentraland is more hyping than Sandbox. But, both are well-established and future potent Metaverse NFT projects.

Town Star

Town Star is an Ethereum-based farming game model which utilizes social networking and NFT-based virtual world gaming. 

The founders have a perspective that allows investors to dream High on Town Star. The farm gaming market has a 600 million regular player base, and Metaverse projects like Town Star have abilities to bring market attention; that’s their perspective. 

Although Town Star requires research and development to reach god-like possession, still the investors are high on Town Star’s success. This factor brings it amongst the future potent Metaverse NFT projects.

Somnium Space VR

Somnium Space is one of the best Metaverse NFT projects backed by Polygon, FTX, and OpenSea. Their best plus point is VR optimization focus, with excellent graphics and a downloadable client interface, making Somnium’s ecosystem better with the best services.

This Metaverse NFT project has features and services like NFT-based land and wearable, similar to others. Users and NFT buyers have total control over their property, and the provided plugin allows users to track and monetize their property and experiences. They also offer programming features that enable users to do their NFT projects as they like. 

With these features and vision, Somnium Space surely takes a strong place in the investor’s portfolio. 


Voxels are a voxel-established Metaverse, focusing more on Real Estate aspects of Metaverse NFT projects.

Users can trade their NFT lands with reading limits of nearly 25000. Voxels have the edge over Decenraland or Sandbox; it uses real-world location names. People having real-world Real Estate enthusiasm will find Voxels Metaverse homely. Users will find it easier and similar to the real-life Real Estate acquiring and selling process, with no paperwork. 

Currently, Voxels is quite cheap, not more than 0.743 ETH. Overall, Voxels is getting popular, future of this venture is brighter. 

Battle Infinity 

Battle Infinity is an upcoming utility-based platform that amalgamates play-2-earn and Metaverse concepts. 

Battle Infinity provides a well-equipped gaming ecosystem with six different aspects of it. Their ecosystem also holds a fantasy sports league, an avatar-based Metaverse, decentralized exchange, the P2E gaming platform, and more. 

The current investor market is positive towards this project, as 28% of the allocated supply sold out in less than 24 days. Metaverse NFT projects investors are recommended to consider this project, as they’re availing presale until October 10, 2022.


Marvix is one of the upcoming Metaverse NFT projects focusing on augmented reality development and execution. Possessing a collection of more than 9999 Ethereum-based NFT avatars, Marvix enables users to use augmented reality to wear their avatars. They’ve future goals of playing a big role as Metvarese social media platforms, with features that ignite a social media geek choosing Marvix. Weekly giveaways and 30% loyalty from secondary sales bring users towards this upcoming NFT project.  

U-Topia Metaverse 

U-Topia comes along with revolutionary NFT real-time games. It consists of real-time MMORPG technology with beautiful graphics and play-to-earn service systems. The project stands out crowd with rewarding U-Tpoia tokens for competing in-game stages, player duels, and regular quests. Moreover, U-Topia is an option to book NFT investors’ portfolios, with mixed opinions from critics. 


Spirits are one of the Supernifty projects. It includes free minting and utility-based artwork NFTs. They can be updated through updates on trends and networks. 

Spirits were released in august, with free holding to users. However, it’s still a good NFT project for fans that crypto enthusiasts are looking for. 

Read about Metaverse – Universe for your project with NFT tokens.


These are the best Metaverse NFT projects available on the market. However, these are not recommendations; investors require full examinations and analysis of each project to ensure whether they are investing in them or not. Overall, these projects hold the majority of positive features that can stay polished in the long term.

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